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keeping in pace

Tuesday, March 2, 2010 , Posted by GEN 05 at 6:09 AM


in the name of Allah, the most gracious and most merciful lord of the world i shall begin writing. lord! memang blog nih dah berhabuk sgt2! never mind though, that makes me more keen to post some updates. just hoping whatever i've posted will give benefits to all of us insya-Allah.

by the way, we've all been a bit out of pace lately ain't we? a lot of stuff going on everybody has been busy. SUFA is coming, the arabic, malay and english debate team yang tengah bertungkus-lumus preparing (erk english team tak kot sbb blm dpt motions), dengan otak masing-masing yang masih tak berapa betul dilanda fenomena result physio yang sangat dahsyat. so that's the point, why don't we list out what's first and what's next. the most prior comes first. ala-ala taqwim tak rasmi gitu;

wednesday, 3 mac - bowling tournament (good luck sume!)
thursday, 4 mac - exam midsem arab, presentation halaqah group 1 start
friday, 5 mac - cardiac physiology tutorial
saturday & sunday, 6 & 7 mac - SUFA start, debat piala timbalan naib canselor
tuesday, 12 mac - BS welfare visit
saturday & sunday, 13 & 14 mac - SUFA, debat piala timbalan naib canselor
tuesday, CVS physiology tutorial
saturday, 20 mac - konsert super junior kat stadium bukit jalil (astaghfirullah, maksiat2 =p)
tuesday, 30 mac - CVS physiology tutorial lagi
saturday, 3 april - inter-first year scrabble competition
the 17th week - start english presentation on arts*
the 18th week - revision week
the 19th week - FINAL EXAM!!

*subject to change

there you go. kalau ade terkurang terlebih tu sape2 bleh la edit ek. hmm.. nape tutorial physio je letak, tutorial lain tak nak letak ke? ni sume adalah gara2 prof J yang tak jemu2 promote ganong kat kite sume LOL. by the way, good luck utk sume peserta SUFA, good luck utk pendebat sekalian (kesemua 24 org adalah 1st year!)

p/s: korang dah start wat english project paper tu ke? hehe

~pen off~

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